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How to Enjoy Exercise – What No One Tells You!

How to enjoy exercise
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Do you dread working out and procrastinate until you end up not doing it because you have no time? What if I showed you how to enjoy exercise?

It used to be so hard to drag my butt to the elliptical to workout for only 30 minutes. That workout was tedious, boring, and just not fun at all.

I didn’t enjoy it.

How to enjoy exercise

What happens when you don’t like working out?

You stop doing it.

In the beginning of my health and fitness days, I wanted to start an exercise routine, lose weight, and stick with it. It’s always easy when a new health routine is first kicked into gear, because it’s exciting and new.

Eventually it could get boring. Especially if it’s so repetitive.

I mean, the elliptical several days a week for 30 minutes? Yawn.

Well, at least for me.

What about you? How do you feel about fitness? Is it just another chore you dread doing, but feel like you have to?

Let’s stop that. You can enjoy exercise, love it actually! You can look forward to it every day! Let’s figure it out together. Here is how to enjoy exercise.

Think about why.

You say you hate exercise, but why? Is it too hard? Boring? Long?

You can solve any of those issue easily!

If working out is too hard, start out with something easy. You definitely don’t have to expect yourself to run 5 miles when you’re a beginner.

You don’t have to do an intense HIIT workout if your body isn’t used to it. Don’t push yourself to the point to where you absolutely dread exercise each time. It does not have to be like that!

Start out by going for a walk or a light jog. Wanna workout inside? Check out these YouTube channels!

Body Project

Emi Wong


Is fitness a total bore?

Well, find something to make it exciting! Or at least more interesting.

Watch Netflix or YouTube while on cardio equipment. Listen to podcasts if you’re walking outdoors. Jam to new music to keep your running rhythm.

And if you think exercise is too long then shorten it!

No one said you have to workout for an hour.

A 10 minute jog is better than sitting on your butt. So get moving!


The most effective way I broke out of my boring exercise rut was to experiment with new workouts.

If you’re bored with your workout, I highly recommend you do the same!

And I mean really really try new things.

Try things you think you would never actually like or want to do. You never know until you try!!

The thought of working out in a gym absolutely terrified me. I’m very shy and I don’t like people looking at me.

But I gave the gym a try. And I loved it from the get go. I feel that working out in a gym motivates me so much more, and I get my workout done.

But maybe the gym is not your thing, and that’s totally fine! You just need to find what you enjoy the most!

There are tons of workouts you can experiment with, such as:

  • YouTube videos
  • Printable workouts
  • Fitness apps
  • Good ole fashioned fitness DVDs
  • Walking/running/HIIT outdoors
  • Strength training in the park
  • If you’ve got fitness equipment at home or a friends/family members house, take advantage of it!

Don’t give up just because you think you don’t enjoy exercise.

You just haven’t found your go to workout, and that’s ok! Keep trying and you’ll find something you love doing.

Treat yourself.

Find some new music, or get some new workout clothes.

On the days I feel like I just don’t wanna, music helps me get into my gym rhythm.

A new song with a good beat can really get me moving and push me to give it my all during a tough exercise.

A trick I use is that I normally don’t listen to my workout playlist UNLESS I’m actually working out. That way, it’s harder for me to get bored with it and I associate the music with exercise.

I actually look forward to going to the gym just to hear my playlist!

I don’t know why, maybe it’s a psychological thing that getting new workout clothes motivates you to, hmm actually workout.

I love these leggings from Amazon! They’re so comfy and they don’t fall down when you’re running or squatting. Plus, they’re squat proof! No showing the gym your undies!

Here’s another trick I like to use.

Put on your workout clothes even if you’re not feeling like exercising. You’re more likely to follow through with your workout. Well, I’ve already got my gym clothes on, might as well go workout.

And 100% of the time, I do not regret actually exercising.

Create a reward system.

When all else fails, reward yourself for doing things you don’t really wanna do. Like working out.

Create a chart or system that pays you to exercise!

Money is a pretty big motivator. Toss $5 in a jar each time you workout buy yourself something nice at the end of the month. Or reward yourself with a new pair of shoes for 320 fitness minutes for the month.

That’s four 20 minute workouts per week! Not too bad right?

If you think a reward system will be your biggest motivator to get moving, then go for it.

BONUS! You’ll create a fitness habit so you’re more likely to stick with it.

You can actually look forward to fitness and enjoy exercise if you really try!

Just find your fitness, stay focused, and remember your goals!

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